Whirlpool W5CE3024XB 30 Inch Electric Cooktop – Best gift for your mother

An attractive quote on motherhood reads that it is not just the greatest thing, but it is also the hardest thing. This is the reason why we celebrate mother’s day as the chance to honor our dear moms for the pains and sufferings that they have experienced in their life to take us to this level. Have you forgotten to present a wonderful gift on this day to honor your mother? No worries. Better late than never, isn’t? Here is a wonderful gift that she will surely love to use, if your mom is an expert in cooking, like many other moms in the world. Yes, the Whirlpool W5CE3024XB 30 inch electric cooktop can be the excellent gift for your mother.

30 inch electric cooktop

Why 30 inch electric cooktop is suitable for your mom?

This product can be an excellent gift for your mom as it comes with the following features to make her cooking faster, hassle free and easier:

  • To ensure quick boiling and easy simmering, the 30 inch electric cooktop has a versatile heating power
  • The knobs are safe to dishwasher and so she need not worry about cleaning them
  • When the surface is hot, your mom can easily identify that this is not the right time to touch the stove for cleaning or for other purposes as it comes with hot surface indicator light
  • On the basis of the requirement, she can choose any of the four bases to cook and the watts range from 1200-2500 in the four different bases for cooking

So, what prevents you from investing on this 4 burner electric cooktop, as the wonderful and the most useful gift for your mother to share your belated wishes?

Other features of Whirlpool W5CE3024XB 30 inch electric cooktop

The other excellent features associated with this 30 inch electric cooktop are the built-in oven compatibility and eco-friendly Schott Ceran Glass Surface. Besides adding usefulness and easiness to her cooking, this product will also help with enhancing the overall appearance of your mom’s kitchen.

Quick cooking for the entire family with 30 inch electric cooktop:

If you are worried that your mom has been struggling with the double burner gas cooktop that takes longer for cooking for the entire family, you can opt for this gift for her. With this cooktop, she need not have to get up early in the morning every day, to complete the cooking before the entire family starts to their appropriate work places.

30 inch electric cooktop -2


Kitchen is the place that most women spend their time in. So, this place is something that should bring them all sorts of relaxation. Interest towards cooking is something that brings this relaxation and when they are provided with the best black electric cooktop that looks great, their enthusiasm and interest towards cooking will be doubled. Also, when they are able to complete the works quickly in kitchen, they will be able to concentrate on their own areas of personal interests. So, not just for every mom, but also for every loving spouse, this 4 burner electric cooktop can be the excellent gift for this vacation.


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