Top 3 Induction Cooktop Reviews

Induction cooktops are revolutionizing the way cooking is being done for several years now and let us review the top 3 models of this cooktop. Induction cooktops make use of magnetic induction technology for heating the cooking vessel. As this technology helps in directly heating the vessel, it will be possible to cook at a faster pace as compared to conventional cooktops. Before actually getting into the top 3 induction cooktop reviews, it would be a great idea to get an understanding about the technology behind induction cooking:


In the case of an induction cooker, a coil wire that is made out of copper is kept by the manufacturers under the cooking pot and to ensure that the vessel kept on the cooktop heats, a varying electric current is passed through it. In the case of vessels used in this type of cooktop, it is important that the vessel should contain ferromagnetic metal like SS or cast iron. However, the users can also make use of aluminum, non-magnetic SS, glass and copper vessels by placing them on a separately obtained ferromagnetic interface disk that can function as conventional hotplate. The point that’s worth to mention about this method of cooking is that it puts lesser waste heat into the kitchen and also safety benefits associated with this type of cooktop as against those working on gas is something important to consider. In addition, induction cooktop can be easily cleaned as the cooktop itself does not become too hot to touch. All it takes is to rely on the best induction cooktop.

Benefits of induction cooktop:

As compared to conventional cooktops, induction cooktops can bring you a wide range of benefits and here are the top 5 picks:

  • Speed
  • Energy efficiency
  • Safety
  • Control and
  • Easy cleaning

With these benefits understood about induction cooktops.

Top 3 induction cooktop reviews:

  1. NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop:

induction cooktop reviews

Do you know that this particular model from NuWave can boil water within just 90 seconds? Yes, besides this benefit, you should also know that this unit uses nearly 70% lesser energy. In addition, it heats up twice as fast as compared to conventional cooktops. This induction cooktop holds the pride of being one among the very few portable cooktops with precise temperature control of up to 575o.

Along with this cooktop, you will get quick start guide, cookbook and manual, besides instruction DVD, 9” Durlon ceramic frying pan and of course, the cooktop. What more do you need to enjoy your cooking?


  1. Secura Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner:

induction cooktop reviews -1

When it comes to induction cooktop reviews, it becomes important to understand the power levels of any cooktop. This unit from Secura comes with 15 power levels, right from 200 to 1800 watts. Also, to choose, you will have 15 different temperature ranges starting from 140 Degree Fahrenheit to 460 degree Fahrenheit. To ensure easy handling and storage, this model from Secura comes with digital control panel and its compact size and light weight are other worth to mention things in this review.

The other features include low and high voltage warning system, diagnostic error message system and the auto-pan detection. This unit is compatible with different types of vessels like cast aluminum enameled iron and steel, SS with magnetic bottom or even cast iron-based vessels. You can invest on this best induction cooktop, if you have space issue in your kitchen.


  1. Rosewill Induction Cooker Cooktop with Stainless Steel Pot:


induction cooktop reviews -2


This unit comes with 8 different temperature settings to suit the user’s requirement. Touching control panel, three-hour timing setting, LED large display and polished crystal top surface are worth to mention features about this model from Rosewill brand. This model comes in two different variants, non-programmed and pre-programmed. As it can heat up the vessels at a faster pace, you can enjoy quick and tasty cooking.

So, if you are looking for investment in the best induction cooktop, the induction cooktop reviews given above on the best units will help you in the right selection. So, choose a unit as per your requirement on the basis of the features that you feel will be useful to you. So, get home the best model for enjoyable cooking.


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