Ramblewood 2 burner gas stove – Perfect Kitchen accessory

The Ramblewood 2 burner gas stove, GC2-48N (Check Out Price) is probably the best stove cum cooktop addition to your kitchenette. Having only a stove in your kitchen kind of reduces your cooking ability and you can’t make much of a two burner gas cooktop as well. So here comes the only model that can benefit lots of people within the same household. This means while some family members can cook their specialties on stove, others can use the cooktop to prepare delicacies that are best cooked on cooktops.

The Ramblewood 2 burner gas stove fits perfectly on almost any countertop and can also be carried to various locations as you desire. As long as there is a hookup of natural gas, you can use this model even if there’s no electricity supply. Having such a portable option is really nice.

ramblewood 2 burner gas cooktop

Features that make the Ramblewood high efficiency 2 burner gas cooktop, GC2-48N an excellent choice:

  • The model comes with propane/LPG gas conversion nozzle. It uses electric ignition, an input of110 AC. Power of the bottom hob is at 5800 BTU while the top hob is 9500 BTU.
  • Off the grid capabilities of the burner allows it to be lighted up by match when there is a stormpower outage.
  • The new design is built to insure around 20% to 30% savings on electric ignition, auto shut off ofgas supply and a safety device with thermal couple as well as failure detecting trigger mechanism in case of flame out.
  • Cooktop makes use of natural gas type.
  • It’s built of ceramic glass and comes with heavy cast iron pot stand and a sealed burner.
  • The cooktop’s dimension is at 20*12*1.8 inches and there is a clearance of 3.5 inch when measured from the top surface for installation purposes.

Great option for cooking outdoors:

Imagine a situation when the power goes out, the microwave won’t work and the stove has been disabled since it is an electric model. What are options when you have guests at your home waiting to be served? This is where the highly efficient Ramblewood 2 burner gas cooktop comes to rescue. Take the guests to your portico or to the garden area and indulge in some outdoor cooking.

This Ramblewood cooktop acts just like you would a natural gas cylinder and cook food if you were at home. Also it’s ideal for most camping trips and can be packed in the car to travel around during vacations. You will really be surprised by how useful and efficient these natural gas cooktops can turn out to be.

My idea of the Ramblewood high efficiency 2 burner gas cooktop:

I have a really small but modular kitchen with great looks and I thus I prefer attractive kitchen basics that don’t take up any unnecessary space. So needless to say, I didn’t want to opt for a full size oven or stop. I was browsing through various models and this two burner cooktop seemed to have the best reviews. Also it looked tiny and had amazing sleek looks. I am really glad that I went for it. Excellent quality, very well made, works really great and I don’t have any big complaints. What’s more, it doesn’t take up much of my counter space and looks a lot more high end than it actually is.

I was quite happy with how easily the cooktop was installed without having to sidetrack a lot of things. The burners are really great and powerful. There is a thermocouple so that you do not need to hold the knobs down longer than is expected. The flame needs to heat up a sensor fir some time to stay lit, but once you get used to this, you wouldn’t have to hold down the knob for longer. Otherwise, the installation process is quite easy, has a real classy appearance and kicks out enough heat for all your basic cooking.

The back glass topped stove easily shows every grease drop so you know where exactly you need to put efforts for cleaning. Also it is very easy to wipe up the cooktop and the cast iron gate isn’t much heavier. I have been using this cooktop for quite some time now and I would recommend that if you are looking for a good natural gas two burner cooktop, then this model from Ramblewood is the one for you.

Pros of Ramblewood high efficiency 2 burner gas cooktop:

  • Gas surface is really easy and effortless to clean up.
  • The fuel burns very efficiently and cleanly, so the more you use it, the more you add on to your savings.
  • Its compact design looks really great and fits pretty much amazingly on any countertop.
  • Especially during emergencies like power outage, this product comes as a great help.
  • For professional chefs and housewives who want a few more additional burners, this cooktop comes as a more cheap and effective option rather than having an additional stove.
  • The burners don’t take a lot of time to light up since manual ignition is real quick.
  • Amazon does a pretty good job in delivering the model and has an impressive customer service as well. For any kind of installation issues, their technicians are always ready to help.

A few cons to take care of:

  • The on/off gas knobs are a little too closer to the main burner. Not that you wouldn’t get your fingers burnt or something, but it just feels a bit warm when compared to full sized stoves.
  • The burners are quite too close to each other and most people don’t really find it convenient.
  • Since the cooktop comes only with manual ignition, you need to push the knob down to light the burners unlike other stoves where ignition is usually activated by turning the knobs.
  • Also a few people have complained that it’s really difficult to adjust the size of the flame on this stove.



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