Ramblewood 2 burner electric cooktop

Ramblewood two burner electric cooktop has been raving the electric shops right now. Earlier electric heaters were used for cooking, but with time slowly it was replaced by gas stove for various safety issues. But today in this electronic world nothing has been left untouched with remodelling. Wider range of electric cooktops have come up making cooking an easier task. A women’s life kitchen is the real battlefield. Cooking is truly science and so are all its appliances and methods. To make our work easier, smoother and faster various modernized equipment are emerging in market and one being the induction cooktops. Ramblewood 2 burner electric cooktop(Check Product Online) being one of such innovation is an excellent product to be owned.

Last year I welcomed it with lots of suggestions and reference pouring in for of buying it. I feel good about my decision. But before I share my experiences with it first I will let you know its properties that make it simple and reliable.

Ramblewood 2 burner electric cooktop

What it possess?

  • The heat is radiated at a range of 3000 watt thus enabling quicker heat transfer.
  • It has précised analogue controller that’s marks up to 9 power levels which helps to rely on it even in voltage fluctuations.
  • Due to above 2 properties even in lower inputs like around 220 V -240 V it gives an output of 3000 W.
  • It’s plated with German Scott ceramic glass which is durable and safe.
  • Most importantly its parts such as the burner and regulator are certified by UL.

How it works?

The flattened spiral wire gets heated up by the flow of current when the regulator is turned on. The current flow creates resistance in the coil thus producing heat which slowly transfers to the glass ceramic plate. The heat is transferred uniformly to the ceramic hot panel which in turn heats the pan or utensil placed over it.

During this process the surrounding surface of the ceramic plate stays cool thus making it safer in handling while cooking.

After power is switched off the cooling of the panel takes time which has an added advantage of helping in delay cooking or just warming of food if required thus some energy is saved.

Advantages of Ramblewood  2 burner electric cooktop :

  • Best energy saver due to its flat surface most of the heat energy is directly transferred to the pan instead of air thereby controlling the room temperature in kitchen . So no more summers in kitchen.
  • Because of the glass ceramic plate cleaning becomes easier .
  • It’s portable and can be easily installed.
  • Moreover it occupies minimum space and can be easily replaced from installed place if required.
  • The heat controlling facility reduces the chance of spilling and hence wasting of food.
  • The surface has low thermal expansion so it’s comparatively less hotter than stove or electric heater thus lowering the risk of getting burns.
  • Due to the wide range of heat regulator cooking is fun now without worrying about burning or sticking the food.

Disadvantages of the cooktop:

  • Most important con is that its electricity dependant.
  • The glass panel being sensitive in nature gets scratched easily.
  • The cookware size has to be almost of equal diameter as that of the cooking base.
  • Copper and aluminium base utensils should be avoided as there is a chance of sticking to the cooktop.

What I felt after buying :

With my personal experience I can assure ramblewood burner electric cooktop is an efficient appliance to be a must have in your kitchen. After I bought it the first thing I cooked was custard, and as you know one has to be very careful while cooking custard as there us a risk of sticking to the utensil thus spoiling the taste. But to my surprise it was an easy task with the electric cooktop. It has been a year that I have been using it where I can cook anything and everything conveniently without worrying about any spillage or sticking.

Since I am a neatness freak earlier cleaning those gas burners was too difficult. Most of the times I got myself hurt while cleaning beneath the stove or the iron stands of the gas. Moreover some stains were just as hard as rock who promised not to get removed how hard I tried. But now with the cooktop I am out of such mess.

I can switch between the two cooking zone if something needs to be cooked in different temperatures alternately .

The most efficient part of the cooktop is temperature controller. Now attending guests while cooking seems entertaining as I put the stove on lower levels and in that way the dishes are properly cooked and are more tastier than before. If I am in hurry then I increase the heat level to windup faster.

Though I have sometimes faced problems with small bowls for boiling hot water if something less amount we need to boil of just warm. The cooktop would simply not work so I have to use a big bowl instead which sometimes seems irritating for me. Other than that I am quite satisfied with the performance of ramblewood 2 burner electric cooktop.

Should buy or not?

If you are a cooking expert and want to pursue this hobby in a stylish way then sits definitely a choice. You can go to the stores see the demo, check the manual and the stove itself before purchasing it. More nice if you do some research or get some reviews either by surfing or asking your known ones.

Every product has its drawbacks but if it’s not major then it can be easily ignored. In this case it’s applicable. With varied heat range and the elegant look you can cook whatever you want but without any worries.

But if you are staying in a place where electricity is a problem then you have to think twice or should have an alternative for it.

With everything modernizing kitchen should be first one to start with. Nowadays it’s an obvious appliance at every home. So what are you waiting for ? Start up today, do some hunt and go for it which is a must in kitchen, if you still don’t have it.

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