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If you are planning to invest in an induction cooktop, you have arrived at the best decision. Let us get into a review of a popular model called NuWave Precision 2. NuWave Precision induction 2 cooktop is shortly called as NuWave PIC 2. You might have watched a television commercial on this cooktop and the impressive ad might have created an interest in your mind to read a review of NuWave cooktop. Let us get into the review:

NuWave cooktop

Making a move from traditional modes of cooking like normal gas, electric cooking is something that is not easy to arrive at. But, NuWave has tried to make this transition easier for women with this entry-level portable cooktop. Induction cooking is going to revolutionize the cooking industry and NuWave is going to be the Kickstarter for the same. The most important point worth to mention here is that this induction cooktop can be the excellent addition for those planning to move towards induction cooking for the first time. The reason is that they will get all the necessary utensils to cook in this model. But, in this review, it is highly important to evaluate the pros and cons associated with investing on this unit. Let us explore:

The Pros of NuWave Cooktop:

Temperature control:

This is something important for any cook, irrespective of whether she is newbie or an experienced cook. NuWave cooktop is known to do an excellent job in this respect. The buyers can choose from 100-575oF and starting from 100, it moves in approximately 10 degree implements to reach 575. This means that there are nearly 52 settings. In addition, the users can pre-program up to 6 varied settings, thereby ensuring faster cooking.

Easy controls and display:

The controls are push buttons that are designed for easiness. Also, the unit comes with clear LED display at the front. All you have to do is just press the appropriate button and you can get into the wagon of cooking swiftly.

Circular design:

As against any other single burner cooktop, this unit has an excellent circular design. This means that there will be a huge saving of space in your kitchen. Even, you can use this unit at your dining table, such that you can serve the dishes hot for your family during cold winter nights with utmost easiness.

NuWave cooktop -2


Safety should be an important consideration when it comes to investing on any cooktop and you can be rest assured about safety when you invest in NuWave cooktop. For instance, when you remove the cooking utensil from the cooktop, it will automatically turn off. Also, you can preset the timing for cooking and once this time is reached, the unit will automatically shut off. This means that you need not have to stay near the cooktop when cooking.

Energy efficiency:

Even though, this is a benefit that you can get when you opt for any cooktop that is induction based, this unit is efficient enough to save nearly 70% of your cooking fuel as compared to your traditional gas or even electrical cooker. The reason for this is that induction cooking does not let heat out in the air or even to other parts of the unit. It will simply use the cookware that is being used for cooking and so cooking will also happen quickly.

Now, after having understood about the benefits associated with this model of NuWave cooktop, it becomes important to evaluate its demerits.

Cons of NuWave PIC 2:

Auto shut off:

Even though, this is stated to be beneficial, this can be disturbing for some cooks as they will have to switch on each and every time when they will have to place a utensil. Some cooks do not switch off the stove every time, they want to cook something. They just keep the things ready and as soon as a dish is prepared, they quickly replace the next utensil on the stove. But, in the case of NuWave, the unit will auto shut-off as soon the utensil is removed from the cooktop.


Even though, circular design of this cooktop is beneficial from space point of view, if you have squared pan, it cannot be used in this cooktop.

NuWave cooktop -1


It is stated that the service from NuWave in the case of any repairs to their units is somewhat delayed. But, here, the positive comments outweigh a few negative comments with respect to service given by some NuWave users.


From this review, it is clear that the pros really outweigh cons and with the benefits in mind, you can very well opt for NuWave Cooktop, to bring a new and space saving cooktop for your kitchen. You can invest on this decent quality stove with excellent safety features and can enjoy dependable cooking at all times.


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