Kenyon Caribbean 2 burner electric cooktop

The B41601 Kenyon Caribbean 2 burner electric cooktop is one of the best deals that you will find in the cooktop list. The model has been duly adjusted and altered to fit around your requirements and there has been absolutely no compromise on style and quality. This black w/analog control cooktop has been manufactured to the best available quality with most innovative and stylish designs. The classic cooktop has two plates to cook upon and two stylish knobs that add up to the modern design/look. This great working little stove is just perfect if you have a small kitchen and do not have a lot of dedicated space for huge cooktops.

Kenyon Caribbean 2 burner electric cooktop

Features of the B41601 Kenyon Caribbean 2 burner electric cooktop:

  • The electric cooktop comes with ceramic glass which provide for the amazingly great looks. Also it helps in effortless operations and the clean graphics is an eye pleaser.
  • The black smooth glass is durable and really easy to clean after all the mess that has been done. The product comes with a cleaning product and specific cleaning instructions so that you do not scratch or damage the surface.
  • There are a lot of safety features embedded which include heat limiting surface protectors, hot burner indicating light and an on indicating light for each of the burners.
  • The product comes with uncompromising quality and a replacement warranty of up to 3 years and thus you can cook carefree on the cooktop for long enough until you get the worth of for what you are paying.
  • Both the burners are operated at 120 volts and 20 amps, are UL/C-UL approved and have analog controls. However the burners are also available in 208 and 240 volts which come with push and turn controls and quick to heat radian ribbon elements.
  • Weighing at 12 pounds, the electric cooktop model is easy to carry around and install at places when need be.

My experience of the B41601 Kenyon Caribbean 2 burner electric cooktop:

I bought this product from Amazon(Best Price Online) and I am pleased to say that I received the product just as stated and it has been working great ever since. First looks into the cooktop, I was a bit hesitant while ordering as I thought that there might not be enough space between burners to place big pots and pans. But I was completely wrong as there is ample of room to place two big sized pieces of cookware. Although you will need to be somewhat careful with the beautiful glass top and chipping around the edges while installing the model, I was able to successfully have it installed in no time; it’s easy and quite straight forward. It comes ready to be hardwired just like most of the other counter top cooktops.

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It’s a classic cooktop with two plates to cook upon. The two stylish knobs give it a really beautiful look and I am more than satisfied with its stylish and modern features. Its top is shiny and flat and the knobs aren’t at all obtrusive. The knobs come with white lines that direct to their respective burners which you are turning on and this thing surely adds on the modern design. In between the knobs, you can find three lights, two of which glow to indicate which of the burners is on and third indicates whether or not the surface is still hot. This is an amazing feature since you get a warning that you need to be extra careful since the cooktop is hot even though burners are off. The electric rings are present just beneath the glass top which heat up real quick and you can get water boiling in a few minutes.

I would definitely go for the product if I ever had the need to buy another one. The fact that it is portable and extremely easy to be moved from kitchenette to anywhere makes it desirable all the more. Despite having a lower wattage, the pans get heated up pretty faster that other electric plates and are ready to be cooked upon in a matter of just seconds. The inside steel plate works great and cooking omelets or chapatis feel just amazingly easy. The burner is a champ; not to mention the quick delivery and nicely packaged delivery from Amazon.

Advantages of the B41601 Kenyon Caribbean model:

  • The biggest advantage of the B41601 model and almost all induction cooktops is that you can them at place where there is no gas supply. There are fewer places where you won’t be having electricity.
  • The burners respond instantly and put out more energy that gas, thus helping to boil quicker. Also it is more controllable as you can tune to specific digital settings and leave the dish to be cooked on its own.
  • As unlike gas or other electric stoves, this model does heat up your kitchen since the induction effect heats only the pan and not the hob, so there’s less waste of heat.
  • Cleaning on flat glass plate is much easier than on gas as it does not heat up and the spills do not burn also.

The only downside to having an electric cooktop is that you would require pans that work on induction cooker. Just look for pans with fridge magnet, the ones that stick should work well. All in all, the B41601 Kenyon Caribbean 2 burner electric cooktop is a great addition to your kitchen. You can also place it in your guest kitchen as well to help the guests save the unnecessary effort of coming to the main kitchen every time. As for me, it fits perfectly in my small kitchen and sometimes I even take it out to my backyard when we sit and enjoy hot soups and other delicacies. I absolutely love this new member in my kitchen and it also helps me to save a lot of heating time and food is cooked sooner. Out of my personal experience, I would recommend everyone to go for this product.

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