Electric Cooktops are best Solution for easy Cooking

Owing to their low initial installation and long run maintenance costs, electric cooktops are the mainstream in rental apartments and properties. The electric cooktops come with either two or four burners are include a drip bowl to catch dripping liquid and food. The heat emanated from these coils is constant and fixed and almost all cookware items can be used for cooking. The main downside to these cooktops is the slow heat change. You would need to wait for the coils to heat up once you turn them on, also temperature changes happen slowly, thus giving you much less control as compared to gas cooktops.

Electric Cooktops

The electric stoves with coiled heating elements are good since swapping out the coils is easy and can be done inexpensively. Ceramic radiant cooktops, however are pricier to repair, but are very easy to clean up since it’s only one flat surface. A lot of people are opting for the electric ranges for the following good reasons:


In terms of design, electric cooktops are definitely better. The flat surface with almost no attachments looks cleaner and more attractive. Also there are a variety of sizes and designs to choose from so that it’s easier for homeowners to pick the best model that fits in their kitchen.

Variable settings:

Electric models provide great flexibility in terms of heat. Some of the cooktops also allow space for particular temperature needs. For instance, there is a simmer that helps in keeping sauces hot or a high temperature setting which allows for faster frying.

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Easy maintenance:

Mainly because of the flat surface, an electric stove is a lot easier to clean. Also there are specific cleaning items available like washing liquid and plastic scraper which helps in effortless cleaning.


The absence of an open flame is the key feature of electric ranges. Thus, there is minimal possibility of catching a fire. In fact, these appliances ensure that heat is emitted in a small concentrated area that not only increases the speed, but also speeds up the cooking process.

Electric Cooktops are super-efficient:

Induction cooktops have become one of the most popular and essential kitchen appliance trends in the past few years. Induction cooktops make use of electromagnetism to cook food. Underneath every cooking zone is a coil of metal. Once the power gets turned on, there is an alternating current flowing through the coil that produced invisible magnetic field. When there is no pan on cooking zone, there is no heat produced, thus making the surface safer to touch.

Induction cooktops are amazingly efficient as the pans heat up really quickly and there is any heat energy wastage. Clearing an induction surface is also easy owing to its flat surface and since there isn’t any heat generated on the surface, food does not bake on and can be easily wiped off. An induction cooking surface is powered electrically, although it is quite possible to have converted the system to gas by using a conversion kit.

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Electric smooth tops provide the best deals:

Electric radiant smooth tops with various ranges have now become the popular pick. Most of the models come with at least one of the high power burners. Some of them have expandable dual and triple elements that you can switch from a larger high power element to a low power smaller element within it. There is a warming element in the center upon some ranges to keep the side dishes warm. There can be a lot of residual heat while reducing the temperature and thus it can take some minutes to settle at lower setting.

The modern sleek electric smooth top range resembles glossy water surfaces, thus the name “smooth top”. These attractive appliances bring in an updated appearance to your older kitchen which you will definitely love. However before buying an electric smooth top, you need to take few things into consideration to keep your house well fed and safe.

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Element power:

Different ranges of heating elements are available on the glossy surface; larger ones are high powered and commonly used for cooking stir fry dishes or searing meats. Smaller ones are for simmering soups and stews. Choose a range with all kinds of heating elements so it covers almost all of your cooking styles.

Alternative Elements:

There are a few other diversifications employed in smooth tops by manufacturers. Some of the appliances have heating elements with dual heating choices so that you can switch from large to small elements just by pressing a button, rather than moving the pot or pan physically around the stove. Also you can go for models that come with a fifth heating element residing in the middle which is used mainly for warming dishes.

Hot warning lights:

Since these ranges take some time to cool after use, determining whether an element is hot to touch can be difficult. So go for those models that have integrated hot warming lights. This feature is a must for every household, especially for those families with young children.


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Best 2 burner gas stove/cooktop deals summarized:

Buying the best cooktop can be a tiring and difficult task especially if you are doing it for first time and do not want to put your hard earned money at stake. With thousands of cooktop models, types and brands to choose from, picking one that suits your daily cooking requirements can be a challenging task as you would not want to end up in purchasing the wrong type. The common determining factors to consider while buying a new electric cooktops are cooktop layout and package promotions/rebates. On this page here, we are providing you with detailed review of some of the best and functional electric cooktops available, solely depending on commercial success and user feedback.

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