Common gas stove problems you face

Everybody knows that the gas stoves are the most preferred appliance for cooking in today’s kitchen and with the advantages, there are some disadvantages also. You know for anything there are positives and negatives, but the priorities play the important role in decisions. Here I will list out some of the common gas stove problems.

Common gas stove problems


This is the most common problem and can prove to be dangerous if not repaired on time. This can be caused by a damaged regulator, gas tube or cylinder. To avoid accidents make sure you turn off the gas outlet always when you are done with the cooking. Do not leave it open when you are not using it.

Gas odor

This can be caused due to the problem in pilot lighter in the gas stove or due to the leakage. You have to open your kitchen windows for this and make sure that the odor is gone completely before using the burner again. In fact, the odor is due to a pungent agent that is added so that any leakage can be easily detected by the smell and remedial measures can be taken.

Clicking noise from burner

This is another problem that I have encountered while using a gas stove. You get a disturbing noise from the burner when you light it sometimes. This is mainly an issue with the stoves having electric igniter. This can happen in the conventional gas stove tops also but the common reason for this is the dirt clogged on the pilot light or the igniter.

gas stove problems - Clicking noise from burner

Clogged opening

This can result in weak flames and in turn increase the time needed to cook. Cleaning the burner openings should resolve this issue. If the weak flame is not due to clogged burner opening, you should consult a technician to rectify the problem. The other reasons for weak flame can be lack of air or gas reaching the burner. If the burner is not igniting at all you may have to relight the pilot light (igniter).

gas stove problems - Clogged opening

Greasy surface

It is important to clean the gas stove top every night since the greasy surface may result in grease fire.  Make sure you remove the dirt that gets accumulated from spills while cooking. Simply clean the gas stove everyday using a damp cloth, along with either vinegar or dish wash soap.

gas stove problems - greasy surface


We may not be seeing any sudden effects of Carbon monoxide poisoning while using the gas stoves, but definitely it is happening. So to reduce this check for the features of the stove you are using. Some high-end brands are designed in a way to reduce this poisoning.

The above mentioned gas stove problems are the common issues that you may face while using a gas stove. If you have a induction cooktop at home, you will not have most of the above given problems. But using the induction cooktop has its own hindrances which will be covered in an upcoming post. Please subscribe to the blog to stay updated.

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