Best electric cooktops for every kitchen

With advancing time technology also has traveled great steps ahead.It has been evolving products for our comfort. Science has intruded into every field possible to come up with innovations that smooth our activities.  From all these, in kitchen also revolution can’t be an exception. Starting from modular kitchen to chimneys to gas stoves have taken new look. They have been redesigned for our convenience. Talking about stove, they have been replaced by these Best electric cooktops.

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With the older version of cooking stove we had various drawbacks.Cooking is an art and to do it we should be excited and comfortable as well but with conventional gas stoves there is heat, discomfort and risks too. With the development of best electric cooktops such problems are eradicated. Nowadays they have become a must thing in kitchen. They are necessary in every kitchen as they give an elegant look to it. Manage to keep it clean and comparatively easy the process of cooking. Listing the way they ease our task:

  • It is easy to install, handle and clean
  • It is smoke proof.
  • Less risk of getting hurt.
  • Regulation of temperature for easier cooking.

Advantages of having Best electric cooktops are many. To start with

  1. Safety: For any product or activities the first thing that concerns us is safety. Since there is no dealing with gas or open flame, the danger of gas leak or getting burns or hurt is quite low. It’s safe around children too if placed in a height. The surface gets cool sooner and thus is safer.
  2. Efficiency – The science behind it is the reason for its better performance than gas stoves or cooktops. The heat is produced only around the cooking zone and is directly heating the lower part of the pan; hence no extra energy is transmitted to air so no energy loss. Moreover temperature controller facilities are a great rescue to categorize the difference between cooking, boiling, deep frying and just warming.
  3. Clean up- The top of cooktop been covered and smooth spillage is minimal and cleaning it just includes one or two times wiping it with a damp cloth. Since there is no gap or exposed heating elements food doesn’t get stuck anywhere.
  4. Installation – these cooktops require kind of electric socket which can be easily installed and are cheaper too than installing gas stoves.
  5. Cost- the price is always a considerable point while buying anything. And trust the electric cooktops are genuinely low cost in comparison with gas stoves.
  6. Added features –A set of temperature control system is areal play. Some cooktops have an added advantage of child lock system, setting timer or pause option if you need to attend someone in the middle of cooking something.


Best electric cooktops


Types of Best electric cooktops available in market:

  1. Entry level cooktops that possess heating elements. These have a problem of cleaning and heat controlling.
  2. Secondly we have ceramic coated glass cooktops which are comparatively better than the previous and have extra facilities. They increase the aura of the kitchen.
  • Induction cooktop are flooring in market as they are energy efficient and safer while using.
  1. Modular are a class to go. They come with replaceable grill style cooking unit which when required can be installed for varied options.

Factors that should be considered while choosing best electric cooktops:

Before shopping for any product we jot down our requirements and the budget we are going to invest on it. These two considerations make us list out the conditions that will finalize the decision of zeroing to one product.  Following are the points to ponder before choosing the best electric cooktops –

  • Kitchen styling- To start with the available space you have in your to install a particular cooktop. The height of installation also matters as it should be according to the specification of the manufacturer. The slab or tiles or marble used in the cooking base also is a major thing to be aware of before buying any cooktop.
  • Style of cooking –Second most important thing to consider is the way of cooking you mostly do in various occasions.Some need higher cooking temperature and some just need average heat or lower. It depends on the kind of food you generally prepare.
  • Energy efficiency – Though it’s a usual factor for any electrical or electronic gadget most people overrule it. But specifically in cooktops we need to be careful while choosing that one which will work with lower energy waste and is most productive.
  • Aesthetic properties – Looks, styling and colour also should suit to the kitchen where it is to be installed. If you want any extra features of child lock or wider range of temperature controls or more number of cooking zones are also different from different types of cooktops.


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Best electric cooktops that have a roaring demand in market and we hope it helps you to pick your favorite one from these:


Best electric cooktops


1.GE JP328SKSS 30 Electric Cooktop – Stainless Steel:

  1. This particular cooktop comes with amazing features in fabulous price range. The specifications which makes it attract the customers state as
  • Removable heating elements are positive point for cleaning.
  • It also comes with removable drip bowls that are attached underneath the heating coils to easily clean the accumulated spillage and leftovers.
  • Another way to clean can be by lifting the cooktop which is adjustable in different heights with the help of support rod.
  • The graphics are easy to read and control.
  • A red light indicator illuminates to sign that the cooktop is active.

Top 10 electric cooktops

2.GE JP3030SJSS 30″ Electric Cooktop with 4 Cooking Elements in Stainless Steel:

This range is superb in itself. The wow factor is its power to heat faster gives a higher preference if you are a hasty cook. The features with which it comes are

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  • Four radiant heating elements result in faster heating thus cooking becomes a quick task.
  • It has two 8” power boil elements which have capacity of emitting 2500 watt heat thus fastening the cooking process.
  • The warm setting option is an added advantage to just warm food or boil water as the temperature can be adjusted to its lowest.
  • It also has an indicator which informs that the cooking zone is activated.
  • Last but not least the touch of authenticity and elegance comes with stainless steel trims.


Top 10 electric cooktops

3.Frigidaire FFEC3024LB 30 Electric Cooktop – Black:

The brand when speaks it signs a mix of style, perfection and harmonized with our lifestyle. It offers products of superior quality in reasonable range. The features are outrageous, to go with they are listed below Best electric cooktops-2

  • Classy it is but also precisely designed in coordination with colours of control knob.
  • The temperature selection control is well positioned so that it is easily reachable as well as to understand and use.
  • It has a status light indicator to inform that cooktop is switched on.
  • Sometimes maybe in hurry or tension you may forget to switch off the cooktop but it won’t forget so it will flash a red light as a reminder.
  • The design and look is suitable for any kind of kitchen wall.


Top 10 electric cooktops


4. Ramblewood 2 Burner Electric Cooktop, EC2-30

Ramblewood 2 Burner Electric Cooktop, EC2-30

This 3000W radiant burner from Ramblewood is simple and reliable with precision analog control of 9 power levels. It is by far one of the best energy saving models, owing to its flat surface which transfers most of the heat energy is directly to the pan instead of air thereby controlling the room temperature in kitchen. So, one of the major concerns of housewives is straightaway taken care of. The electric cooktop is portable, can be easily carried around and installation is also quite effortless. Also the cooktop takes up very little space and can be easily and quickly replaced from its place of installation, if need be. Cleaning has been easier because of the glass ceramic plate.

The 200V cooktop looks great and beautiful round would definitely go with the look any kitchenette. It heats up really fast and the timer and temperature adjustments make cooking easier and more fun. The heat controlling aspect of this Ramblebood burner reduces changes of food getting spilled and thus there is minimal wastage of food. With low thermal expansion, the surface of the cooktop is comparatively less hot than an electric heater or a stove, thus you will be saving yourself from having burns. Its wide range of heat regulator makes cooking fun as you do not have to constantly worry about sticking and burning the food. If you have recently set up your kitchen and are looking for a cooktop to cater to the needs of your small family, then this cooktop is an ideal choice to go for.

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5.Thermador: CIT365GB 36 Induction Cooktop – Stainless Steel:

A perfect combination of gas stoves and electric cooktop assembled in one unit. It offers unmatched features and performance.


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  • Unbeatable performance comes with following properties –
  • Largest cooking zone with powerful heating elements in comparison
  • No need of specific cookware sizes.
  • Within shorter period of time can fluctuate temperature gradient and has a good control over it.
  • Flaunting designs-
  • The control panel can be controlled with a single touch.
  • Stainless steel body.
  • Trendy angular edges enhance the look.
  • Timer facility – The warm setting option is an icing on the top of cake.
  • Sensor system –
  • It can detect any size of cookware placed on cooking zone thus keeping it activated till requirement is there.
  • It can sense overflow and thus gets auto shut off and gives alarm on just a drop of liquid on the cooking area.
  • Has feature of child safety lock.
  • Fancy installation technology- Can be attached to top of any oven or warming drawer.


Top 10 electric cooktops


6. B41601 Kenyon Caribbean 2 burner electric cooktop, black w/analog control 120V:

B41601 Kenyon Caribbean 2 burner electric cooktop, black w/analog control 120V

Sporting of effortless operations and clean graphics, the 2 burner gas stove is known to combine value with virtue. The unique features that make for this model include smooth black clear glass, ease of cleaning and durability. Both the burner models are available in 120, 208 and 240 volts as well. Additional safety controls and features include push to turn controls, quick to heat radiant ribbon elements, infinite heat control, heat limiting surface protectors, hot burner indicator lights and an on indicator light representing each burner. And as for all Kenyon products, the 2 burner gas stove model is famous for its uncompromising quality and backed with a 3 year replacement warranty.

The B41601 model is a great compact cooktop that sports stylized modern looks. Its glass surface comes with a cleaning product and specific cleaning instructions so that you do not accidentally scratch or damage the surface. Along the two knobs are two white lines that direct to their respective burners and this adds on to the look of the design also. Between the knobs are three lights, two of which indicate glowing burners and the third on light is an indication that your surface is still hot. The cooktop heats up really quick since there are electric rings just beneath the modern glass top so you get water to boil in just few minutes.

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7.GE Monogram ZHU30RSJSS 30″ Induction Cooktop with 4 Cooking Zones:

Cooking in style can be well defined if you have GE monogram induction cooktop whose sync burners are a hit. From look to temperature gradient controlling everything is in exact proportions to mark it as the most preferred choice. With this product your dream kitchen can be a reality because of its infinite customization options. The marked features are

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  • Slide touches knobs- Now temperature control is just a matter of swipe.
  • Four induction cooking zone- Eccentric look and four different sized options are reliable.
  • Sync burners
  • Melt setting is the best of it.
  • Multifunctional as we can control temperature of all the four cooking elements at a time without any issues.


Top 10 electric cooktops


8.Frigidaire FPIC3695MS Professional 36″ Stainless Steel Electric Induction Cooktop:

Another model from this company comes with more versatility for efficient cooking. It comes with following specifications


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  • The power for cooking is higher than the other models.
  • Since it has five cooking zone options of cooking simultaneously is more open.
  • Quick response towards any heat change hence convenient in handling.
  • In induction only the pan gets heated and the surface in contact with it, once power is off it cools off faster thus safer.
  • Control of range of heat is in fingertips.
  • Exceptional temperature control settings.
  • It has higher energy efficiency and is a great time saver too.


Top 10 electric cooktops


9.LG LSCE305STStudio 30″ Black Smoothtop Cooktop:

Simply can be described as radiant and awesome. Sensors and steady heat cooking are some of the Excellency it comes with.

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  • The style and designs are a sure element to grab your attention.
  • The touch control is perfectly centralized for easy handling and gives a comfort of adjusting temperature suddenly without any worries
  • It also has a warming zone.
  • The cooking zone has adjustability with the size of cookware.


Top 10 electric cooktops


10.BergHOFF Single Touch Screen Induction Cook Top, Single:

Wonderful characteristic about it is that it can be used not only in kitchen but also outside if you are out on picnic but you just need a power outlet.

Best electric cooktops-9

  • So clearly it’s portable.
  • Immediately cools off hence there you go wee about safety.
  • Consumes energy only when it detects any cookware otherwise it just shuts off automatically. So start up and save energy as well as money.
  • LED display to warn about its function.
  • Settings can be easily changed as the instructions are clear and informative
  • The glass surface provides an excellent surface for cooking as well as cleaning purpose.


Top 10 electric cooktops


11.Kenyon B40515PUPS 6-1/2-Inch Mediterranean 2-Burner Cooktop with PUPS and Analog Control, 120-volt, Black:

Kenyon is widely famous as an eminent cooktop supplier worldwide for ages now. Simplicity and safety with elegance and easy to handle properties are the symbol of authenticity of Kenyon products.

Best electric cooktops-10

The Mediterranean series are quite innovative and secure.

  • The two burner cooktop comes with Pop up Potholder System (PUPS) which conveniently lets us cook according to our comfort.
  • Ceramic glass cooktop gives it an edgy and trendy look.
  • Easy to use heat control unit.
  • Barely requires maintenance.
  • Easily washable.


Top 10 electric cooktops


12. NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop


Precision Induction Cooktops (PIC) offer you advanced temperature controls that match and sometime surpass the features given by the convention gas powered cooktops. Using the Precision Induction Cooktop you can boil, saute, simmer, grill, steam, deep-fry and even change temperature precisely in incremental values. There are not many manufacturers of the PICs – NuWave is one.

The Precision Induction Cooktop by NuWave is one of the best electric cooktop available. This induction cooktop heats up very fast with the help of the induction coil. It directly reacts with the cookware on the electric cooktop. It heats only the cookware and not the surroundings, making it easy to use and safe for you and your family. NuWave claims that the technology used in their best electric cooktop allows it to heat up twice faster and uses up to 70% less power. This saves you time and energy making it ideal for working women.

You have preset buttons for the temperature settings to choose from while you can also set them manually. You have buttons to set program, time, and to start, pause and clear. The cooktop switches off automatically if there is no cookware placed on it. This cooktop measures 14.4 x 15.9 x 6.3 inches and weighs only 6.3 pounds. It is compact and convenient making it portable, so that you can even carry it with you when you go on a vacation. The only requirement is a power outlet! This is indeed the best electric cooktop you will find.

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To conclude:

Basically the cooktops can be categorised into three major classes-

  • Portable- Ones that you can comfortably use while holidaying or while travelling.

Then you should be careful about the installation techniques and size of the cooktop and choose accordingly.

  • Built-in – These are particular about heating only cooking zone area and are safer as well as perfect for cooking.
  • Induction –They come with extra assembly like oven or warming unit with removable racks which have varied options.

So while finalizing about the cooktop you have to be careful about the necessity of buying any specific product and should have prior idea about it check above Best electric cooktops for more information.

Everything has a positive side and a negative too, similarly electric cooktops have their own too above Best electric cooktops are best i found.


  • Saves enough amount of energy and money buy minimizing usage of electricity by only transferring heat to the pan directly.
  • Safety is an important thing to mark as fast it heats off with same rate it cools too.
  • Cleaning is generally a headache for major gas stoves because of the gap between the heating elements but in this case it’s a positive point that the smooth surface along with enhancing look also helps in easy cleaning.
  • Enhances the look of kitchen as well as gives a sophisticated touch.


  • The size and material of a cookware can be a issue for some range of cooktops which can lead to use of bigger utensils even for small amount of cooking.
  • Electricity can be a challenge. As it totally depends on it.

Generally price has been a concern to choose cooktop.  It can be due to various reasons like the amount of energy it consumes and emits, the technology used behind it and also the no of burners or extra assembly unit it provides with.

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My recommendation:

Before going to buy anything we tend to surf net for product description,  specification,  price comparisons from different suppliers , good reviews and of course cheaper alternatives.  But since it is a matter about the food you will prepare for yourself and it involves safety, taste and obvious comfort you have to be more careful and inquisitive to choose one from the wide range of best electric cooktops available in market.

Various sites will come up with different suggestion. People will also share thief experience which is purely subjective so I would advice to first concentrate on the kind of product you desire, the facilities and properties you want in a cooktop you choose accordingly.

If you are nuclear family then you can manage with 2 burner electric cooktops. Or mostly you are transferring from one place to another or a bachelor who loves travelling then go for portable cooktops.  If you love entertaining guest or a food digger or love inventing different cuisines on your own then you can pick the ones which come with grill assembly. If you love designing the places around you or are little showy then the classy cooktops with sleek designs are perfect for you.

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If you are sceptical about the use of best electric cooktops then try searching for the science behind the heating and cooling of coils. How energy is transferred and the evolution from the old ones to new modernised ones. Once you get a rough idea of the technology supporting it you will be comfortable in taking any decision. You need to take care of the budget too if you are financially challenged.

Some years back when I was in similar situation I went for some rigorous surfing to settle down on one design of best electric cooktops. Collect information of different types of best electric cooktops given by different suppliers do a comparative study on it and segregate according to type, usage, number of cooking zone and price. It will help to understand the difference between each product to guide you to choose the best among all.

If I were to suggest then I would prefer such a cooktop that is best suitable for any kind of kitchen, safer around children and most importantly portable. I would refer to go for Berghoff single touch induction cooktop. It is also very trendy and the brand speaks a lot about it. Cleaning is also not a thing to worry about it.

Gone are the days for conventional gas stoves which were a burden to handle. Starting with difficult operations to involving risk for getting hurt or burns, also difficult in cleaning. These cooktops have replaced them in a better way. All the drawbacks are attacked and converted into better properties and are developed into electric cooktops. These are widely accepted in every kitchen now.

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So when you are out for buying a best electric cooktops keep in mind all the features you want in your cooktop. Overall you should understand that you get something great in return. Induction and Best electric cooktops are a hit in market. They are continually evolving into much better products day by day. So at the end you should be satisfied with the product you came home with. Now its your turn to pick the one which defines you and your kitchen the best. Hunt and welcome it in your kitchen as sooner as possible.