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The cooktop is undoubtedly the workhorse of every kitchen, and if it’s modern and stylish, it’s probably the centerpiece also. Not all cooktops are developed or created for the same cooking purposes. They come in different styles, features, designs and thus, not every cooktop will meet your needs or suit your lifestyle. As has been mentioned above, best cooktop majorly come in three different types namely gas, electric and induction.

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Practically, a small sized family, or let’s say bachelors living alone wouldn’t need large cooktops with 4 or 5 burners. Cooktops don’t really come cheap and good ones with 4-5 burners will cost you somewhere between $1000 and $3000. If you are living in smaller arrangements like studios, hostels, dorm rooms, trailers or smaller apartments, then choosing a best cooktop that sports single or dual burners would be wise. This way you can save you save your money for all other purposes and also smaller cooktops handle most of the cooking requirements quite perfectly. If you are in need of a cooktop to support cooking for a small family or a single person, the following points will help you choose the right model:

Gas, induction or electric?

While buying any cooktop, this should your first priority area. Think what type will serve you well and then make your pick. This is an important criterion as going for the wrong type would make you fume unnecessarily and only add to your burden. Gas cooktops or gas stoves will serve you best since they are portable, handy and emit a strong flame. You can also find a lot of single electric burner models that are cheap and reliable. If you are wish to upgrade your kitchen and have come easy with the new induction cooking; then portable induction cooktops can be a great choice. They are rich in features, energy efficient and come with user friendly controls.

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The best cooktop to install in office, RV, dorms etc:

You cannot just buy any cooktop available in the market and put up in places like office, patio, camping, dorm rooms etc. If you intend on using your cooktop in such places, consider going for a model small in size and portable enough to carry around without having to consume a lot of space. And when it comes to picking a best cooktop model, induction cooktops unarguably will top the list. The following points will justify why.

  • Induction cooktops come rich in features, are digitally operated and a few more aspects like auto shut off, cooking timer, safety alarm and auto pan sensor make them all the more desirable.
  • They are energy efficient and have heat efficiency level of about 84% which makes them the fastest cooking cooktops.
  • Another great feature about these cooktops is heat consistency. You can set up the cooking temperature on these models depending on what you are cooking. Unlike other electric models, the heat and temperature in induction cooktops change instantly, thus allowing for precision cooking.
  • Induction cooktops look attractive with a sleek design and smoother finish that will match and enhance all decors. Cleaning is easy and takes hardly a minute.
  • They are portable and you don’t need to worry about carrying out heavy gas cylinders gas pipeline connections. You just need a power plugin cord and standard household power supply.


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What’s ideal for large families?

If you love cooking or like to entertain guests with variety of delicacies, then you would need a best cooktop or a mix and match of electric and gas cooktops to serve your needs best. You can even go for wall oven that is installed at chest level, which makes it easy to carry around heavy dishes and move them from oven to counters. As for your ideal countertop, you can choose something with four or six burners that can be installed on your kitchen island. Also you can opt for different fuel types for each of the appliances like, gas cooktop electric oven or vice versa.

Should you go for 3 burner or 6 burner cooktops?:

As you must have already realized by now, you wouldn’t want to waste or overcrowd your kitchen space. Thus, it’s important to assess your real needs before going for a kitchen remodeling. Could you live easily with just 2-3 of the traditional 4 burners that you find on most stovetops or would you need more? Well, the truth about 3 burner gas stoves is that their compact sizes allow them to be comfortably accommodated in your kitchen without having to block a lot of space. Also, the sleeker designs of the 3 burner stoves add a tint of glamour onto the overall aesthetic appeal and look of your kitchen. But, if you have large spaces to spare in your kitchen area, then you can go for 6 burner stoves. It might seem a bit little off, but you never know when you might need that extra burner. If typically, your family weekend brunch or special dinner comes as 3 or 4 stove top items, then having a 6 burner cooktop will probably do nicely. The extra burners would be a boon towards organizing your cooking, like keeping items warm while cooking other dishes. So it really comes down to analyzing how much you need and how you want to go about preparing your dishes.

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Surface materials used in designing best cooktop:

Manufacturers do not lag behind in crafting and designing cooktops that aren’t only efficient for cooking but add to the aesthetic looks and extent of ease while cleaning and maintaining. If you are planning on replacing your cooktop and investing in a new one, you might want to use opt a different surface design. Various finishes are available for different cooktops which have been mentioned below.

  • Stainless steel cooktop surface:

    These cooktops are sleek, trendy and look amazingly appealing, although they may not be really easy to clean and maintain. While using these surfaces, it’s advisable to wipe spillovers off immediately with a soft cloth and warm water. You might also want to use vinegar if the stains get hard to remove.


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  • Ceramic surface cooktop:

    Easy to clean cooktops; are aesthetically appealing and give your kitchen a modern look. Another advantage is that if your kitchen area is congested and small, you can enjoy the counter space available here. However, it’s not advisable to place hot items and heavy utensils as ceramic cooktops can get easily scratched.


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  • Glass ceramic surface cooktop:

    Its flat surface makes cleaning really easy and pretty simple. Since it’s like to acquire more scratches than other surfaces, you may need to polish periodically to keep the surface shining and bright.


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  • Porcelain surface cooktop:

    Porcelain cooktops are heat resistant, stain resistance and really harder to scratch. Stains and food spills can be wiped off easily without putting in much effort. On the downside, these cooktops are likely to be damaged easily if you drop any hard objects upon it.


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  • Enamel surface cooktop:

    They are easier to clean when compared to all other surface types. However, rough handling can easily break the surface even the outer look is hard and strong. Make use of lemon juice and baking soda for cleaning the surface for better results.


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  • Glass surface cooktops:

    These cooktops are sleek, modern and fashionable. However, they can get scratches easily. Do take extra care while handling or transporting to avoid damages and breakage.


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