How to choose the best camping and hiking stove

After a hectic work schedule or study time, it is time for adventure to get your mind refreshed. The best you could do is plan a camping or hiking trip. Of the many things that you have to pack is a stove to cook food while camping. Below are the things you have to take into considerations while choosing a camping and hiking stove.

camping and hiking stove

Stove type

There are different types of stoves that can be used for camping or hiking. You get stoves that can be carried in your truck or even the stoves that can be packed in a backpack (This is especially for hiking). Within these types there are different categories using different fuel types. The fuels used are liquid fuel, alcohol or even wood. You have to choose the best from this. Once you are done with deciding the fuel type make sure you carry enough fuel for the trip.


You are going for a vacation and you would have noted down the budget. You may also take backpack stoves, but if you are planning to buy one you will get cheap ones for a little more than $100. If you go out frequently it is wise to spend a little more on these and get a quality one. In the case of camping stoves they will be little costlier than the backpacking stoves.


This is another important factor in deciding the stove to be used for camping / hiking. There are a wide range of camping and hiking stoves in the market (You can buy these online too). Select a model which weighs less but do not compromise the features and cost. There is no point in buying a lightweight stove if it can be used only for one purpose.


The answer for this question will depend upon the number of individuals in the activity. If there is a group, you may buy a little bigger one or you can buy one stove per three people. You will get compact stoves with two burners if the group is not of more than 6 people.

camping and hiking stove - Size and types


When I say weather, it is mainly about the winter season. In winter season you will need to melt the ice into water while camping. This needs more fuel and hence the ideal fuel type is the liquid fuel. Other stove types are good for limited cold weather. I would say, include one wood stove also with you in case you run out of fuel.

Boiling or cooking

This means you have to decide on the functions you want to do with the stove. Is it just boiling or even simmering needed. If you wish to cook little more than soups or noodles, you will have to search for that type of stoves. But I would suggest light meals are okay for dinner while hiking or camping.

Above are the factors you have to take into consideration while shopping for camping and hiking stove. You will need many other things too, along with the stove. So give a thought about all the factors and at the end the decision is yours. Enjoy the trip!

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