GE Cafe CGP650SETSS 36 inch gas cooktop Review

Much like our cars, we use our cooktop everyday and will probably be using them for many more years to come. Therefore, it is important to choose the right cooktop for your kitchen. One of the offerings by GE, the GE Café 36 inch gas cooktop is one of the high-end gas sealed burner cooktop. It comes with five burners, a cast iron griddle, and blue LED backlight knobs. The cooktop offers premium features at the price of a midrange cooktop.

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Powerful Performance

It is a high quality, beautiful gas cooktop, with heavy grates, and powerful burners. The cooktop has an exceptional overall configuration with its placement of the knobs to the five gas burners. There is plenty of room to cook with all burners simultaneously.

Easy enough to install, it has a sleek design and looks great in the kitchen. The best in its class, it offers five burners with a griddle, a slow simmer feature, and a fast boil feature. The cooktop offers one 20,000-BTU Tri-Ring burner, two 9,100-BTUright burners, one 5,000-BTU burner (right rear), and one 11,000-BTU burner (front right).The 20,000 BTU middle burner is awesome. It comes in handy while cooking large dishes. 

You would love the center power burner, the low simmer burner, and the griddle feature. The griddle works as expected and the specialized burner control is handy. As the grill is placed quite high above the burners, you get a nice clear view of the flame. The middle burner is big and impressive and is ideally suited for cooking that requires a high heat. The cooktop is ADA Compliant. It is accessible and easy to open.

As far as the layout is concerned, the GE Café 36 inch gas cooktop easily accommodates oversize pans and multiple pots without overcrowding the top, and the design is quite distinctive. In addition, the integrated griddle allows you to cook close to the heat. Overall, it is one of the best available gas cooktops.

36 inch gas cooktop Amazing Features

The GE Café 36 inch gas cooktop offers a wide selection of features and a professional build. The cooktop is easy to install and use. Its array of features includes heavy-duty backlit knobs, integrated griddle, dishwasher-safe grates, and a child lock. The cooktop has a stainless steel and black cast-iron finish. It is a great gas cooktop with a distinctive design, easy cleanup, and high BTU.

Designed meticulously, the tough stainless steel and powerful elements match their robust appearance. It offers features such as sealed cooktop burners, LED backlit knobs, 20,000 BTU tri-ring burner, precise simmer burner, nonstick griddle, heavy cast grates, control location front center, and griddle cast iron.

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A standout feature of the GE Café 36 inch gas cooktop is its griddle that comes included. The griddle has a nonstick cast-iron finish that assimilates into the cooktop surface and fits very well. It gives you a cooking surface that is the closest to the flame.

Amazing Burners

In the GE Café 36 inch gas cooktop, the burners are its star performers. With its sealed cooktop burners, the burner elements are sealed to the cooktop to keep foods and liquid contained on the cooktop. It also makes it easy to clean. The cooktop has a 20,000 BTU tri-ring burner. The three-in-one burner is designed for quicker boiling and gentle simmering. The cooktop also offers a nonstick griddle that serves as a large nonstick surface for you to prepare pancakes, eggs, and bacon.

The precise simmer burner is ideal for delicate foods and sauces. It allows for low and even heat distribution. The LED backlit knobs feature an added security feature. They lit-up and indicate when the burners are on. The primary, center burner, called the Tri-Ring burner, offers the most flexibility with three heat settings. With the Tri-Ring burner, you can perform gentle simmering as well as a blistering 20,000-BTU. Ideal for quick boiling, the Tri-Ring Burner evenly heats the pan. The two left burners of both run at a maximum 9,100 Btu. The front burner runs at maximum 11,000 BTU.

The burners are spaced nicely providing enough space for you to cook simultaneously on all burners. With the heavy cast grates, there are lesser chances of utensils moving abruptly while cooking. The controls are located in the front allowing you the maximum space to cook. In addition to being lit, the knobs on the control panel have numbered stops for you to remember and return to specific heat levels.

Cleaning Comes Easy

A very impressive cooktop, it is easy to clean and manage. To clean the cooktop simply remove the grills, spray with window cleaner, and use a paper towel. The burners can easily be lift-off for cleaning.

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The grates can be washed in the dishwasher or scrubbed in the sink. The grates clean up well and the stainless wipes up beautifully. The grates are heavy and do not move quite often. The cast iron grates can be removed easily and run through the dishwasher. The seamless finish makes wiping up spills simple.

Security and Warranty

An excellent security feature is the glow knobs. The knobs are made of metal with a plastic insert at the bottom. It projects a blue light when the burner is left on. In addition to the glow knobs, the GE Café 36 inch gas cooktop includes a child lock for additional security.

On this cooktop, GE offers the industry-standard one-year limited warranty. As per GE, the company will replace and repair any part of the cooktop that is defective within the one-year period.


The GE Café 36 inch gas cooktop comes with its own set of limitations. The stainless steel top is prone to scratches.The control knobs are made of plastic and are therefore prone to accidental breakage. The extra space between the burners and the grill becomes a problem when using the other burners. It takes quite a lot of time to do simple things like boiling water in a saucepan. The cooktop also misses out on a flame sensor, automatic re-ignition, and high-end warranty available on similar other models.


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