Remodeling your kitchen implies a hell lot of decisions, however few are as imperative to your cooking as choosing what type of cooktop you would want to install. Cooktops offer multiple installation options and are among the must have appliances in every home. They are entirely independent, thus making them largely different from traditional cooking stoves. The various models are integrated effortlessly into kitchen work surfaces upon built in ovens or can even be installed on a kitchen island.

2 burner gas stove

For years, the choice for cooktops has always been gas or electric, and in case there wasn’t a gas line to your kitchen, then you didn’t have a choice practically. However induction cooktops, that have been popular for quite some time in Europe now are gaining foothold in America and all other major countries and are becoming an essentially attractive third option. There are various ranges available for both electric and gas models. Electric ranges can be induction, coil or smooth tops. Both these ranges are good choices; however they come with their share of appealing advantages and disadvantages. You may want to know the pluses and minuses of these appliances, if you are planning on buying a new range. Below is a primer on all the best options available to help you choose your ideal cooktop.

Gas cooktops will provide you with instant heat:

2 burner gas stove

Gas cooktops have always been the no-nonsense cooking solutions to majority of families, their biggest advantage being instant heat. You don’t have to wait for any heating element to get warmed up, just fire your gas cooktop and heat up your pan in just seconds. And the same is true for lowering or increasing the temperature which happens instantly, which accounts for more precision in control. Response time also is particularly quick as when you turn the knob, the pot and food within experience the change almost immediately. Also there are a few really cool stuffs that you can do on a gas cooktop, like roasting peppers. Yes, you can achieve the same in an oven as well, but this a lot more fun and so much faster. The best thing about gas cooktops is that, even when the power is out, you can still prepare your favorite dishes, all you require is a match to light some fire.

While cooking on a gas cooktop, you can prevent a lot of messes and also cleaning them is a lot easier. You can take off the grates after you are done with cooking, wipe clean the cooktop and then place the grates back. Coils are usually a nightmare to be cleaned and the flat top is also a bit finicky. Although this can be a matter of personal preference and most people actually prefer and are most comfortable with cleaning the flattop.

Gas cooktops work ideally for all types of pan including stainless steel, woks and cast iron. Although not every apartment or home may have a gas line running in their kitchen and installing one can be a lot expensive, but overall, the cooktops are quite cheap to operate.

Ramblewood high efficiency 2 burner gas cooktop GC2-48N:

Ramblewood high efficiency 2 burner gas cooktop GC2-48N

Brilliantly made and sleek looking, this model is a great addition to your kitchen. It comes with ceramic glass and a heavy cast iron pot stand along with sealed burners. Safety features include thermal couple, auto shut off gas supply and flame out trigger mechanism in case of failure detection. Its high efficiency burners have been built on newer design in order to insure savings of about 20% to 30%. It comes with include LPG/Propane gas conversion nozzle. The off the grid feature of this model allows the burner to get lighted up by match even in case of any storm power outage.

If you have a small kitchen and every inch of your counter space matters for you, then this is most attractive deal you can go for. The overall look and built of this cooktop is just wonderful that will definitely enhance the look of your modular kitchen. The burners are powerful and nice and can get a sizable pot boiling really quickly. There is a sensor which shuts off gas automatically when there is no flame detected which is an added safety measure. The black glass topped stove shows every drop of grease, and thus wiping out mess is easier.

The model comes with two different burners and most people get by just fine with the bottom and top hub of 7000 BTU and 11000 BTU respectively without slowing down their cooking efforts. Cooking food is quick and easy and for those people, who are used to working on flames, the Ramblewood high efficiency 2 burner gas stove GC2-48N is the best choice. Its high efficiency performance implies that you save a lot of money on your gas expenses. You can never find a better gas cooktop that cooks great food as well saves your money at the same time.

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Frigidaire Gallery 36″ Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop:

Frigidaire Gallery 36" Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop

The Frigidaire Gallery gas cooktop comes with great functional burners, strong flame and its control knobs are just awesome. The gas top comes with five sealed burners including one 18000 BTU quick boiling burner which is best suited for boiling water quickly and a there is also a simmer burner that perfectly cooks delicate foods. The angled front controls are really easy to use and you will never find such great designs most of the high end cooktops. Moving of heavy pans and pots without having to lift them is an effortless job, owing to the cooktop’s continuous corner to corner grates. You will absolutely love how easily pots can slide on to next burners when required. The cast iron grates are dishwasher safe and quite easy to clean which reduces a load of your unnecessary kitchen work. Also the cooktop holds all your spillovers for easier and effortless clean up.

If you have a large family to feed, this cooktop can never go wrong. Also if you are fond of cooking and have a list of long difficult recipes that take up your entire cooking space, then this cooktop is the most ideal for you. Not only is this Frigidaire Galey 36” is known for its functional features, the eye appealing pleasure of its wonderful and innovative design is something that most house wives would crave for their kitchen. Cooked food comes out perfect on even heat, thanks to its accurate dial settings. Its design is really fantastic to use and also well out thought out in terms of easy cleaning.

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Ramblewood 2 Burner Electric Cooktop, EC2-30

Ramblewood 2 Burner Electric Cooktop, EC2-30

This 3000W radiant burner from Ramblewood is simple and reliable with precision analog control of 9 power levels. It is by far one of the best energy saving models, owing to its flat surface which transfers most of the heat energy is directly to the pan instead of air thereby controlling the room temperature in kitchen. So, one of the major concerns of housewives is straightaway taken care of. The electric cooktop is portable, can be easily carried around and installation is also quite effortless. Also the cooktop takes up very little space and can be easily and quickly replaced from its place of installation, if need be. Cleaning has been easier because of the glass ceramic plate.

The 200V cooktop looks great and beautiful round would definitely go with the look any kitchenette. It heats up really fast and the timer and temperature adjustments make cooking easier and more fun. The heat controlling aspect of this Ramblebood burner reduces changes of food getting spilled and thus there is minimal wastage of food. With low thermal expansion, the surface of the cooktop is comparatively less hot than an electric heater or a stove, thus you will be saving yourself from having burns. Its wide range of heat regulator makes cooking fun as you do not have to constantly worry about sticking and burning the food. If you have recently set up your kitchen and are looking for a cooktop to cater to the needs of your small family, then this cooktop is an ideal choice to go for.

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B41601 Kenyon Caribbean 2 burner electric cooktop, black w/analog control 120V:

B41601 Kenyon Caribbean 2 burner electric cooktop, black w/analog control 120V

Sporting of effortless operations and clean graphics, the 2 burner gas stove is known to combine value with virtue. The unique features that make for this model include smooth black clear glass, ease of cleaning and durability. Both the burner models are available in 120, 208 and 240 volts as well. Additional safety controls and features include push to turn controls, quick to heat radiant ribbon elements, infinite heat control, heat limiting surface protectors, hot burner indicator lights and an on indicator light representing each burner. And as for all Kenyon products, the 2 burner gas stove model is famous for its uncompromising quality and backed with a 3 year replacement warranty.

The B41601 model is a great compact cooktop that sports stylized modern looks. Its glass surface comes with a cleaning product and specific cleaning instructions so that you do not accidentally scratch or damage the surface. Along the two knobs are two white lines that direct to their respective burners and this adds on to the look of the design also. Between the knobs are three lights, two of which indicate glowing burners and the third on light is an indication that your surface is still hot. The cooktop heats up really quick since there are electric rings just beneath the modern glass top so you get water to boil in just few minutes.

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NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop


Precision Induction Cooktops (PIC) offer you advanced temperature controls that match and sometime surpass the features given by the convention gas powered cooktops. Using the Precision Induction Cooktop you can boil, saute, simmer, grill, steam, deep-fry and even change temperature precisely in incremental values. There are not many manufacturers of the PICs – NuWave is one.

The Precision Induction Cooktop by NuWave is one of the best electric cooktop available. This induction cooktop heats up very fast with the help of the induction coil. It directly reacts with the cookware on the electric cooktop. It heats only the cookware and not the surroundings, making it easy to use and safe for you and your family. NuWave claims that the technology used in their best electric cooktop allows it to heat up twice faster and uses up to 70% less power. This saves you time and energy making it ideal for working women.

You have preset buttons for the temperature settings to choose from while you can also set them manually. You have buttons to set program, time, and to start, pause and clear. The cooktop switches off automatically if there is no cookware placed on it. This cooktop measures 14.4 x 15.9 x 6.3 inches and weighs only 6.3 pounds. It is compact and convenient making it portable, so that you can even carry it with you when you go on a vacation. The only requirement is a power outlet! This is indeed the best electric cooktop you will find.

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Windmax Fashion 30 Inch Stainless Steel 5 Burner Built-In Stove Natural Gas Cooktop

If you are a home chef who is interested in trying many dishes, you would definitely need more than 2 burners to bring your cooking exploits to the fore. Windmax Fashion 30 Inch gas cooktop is a 5 Burner stainless steel natural gas cooktop that would serve your purpose. By default this Cooktop is compatible with Natural Gas. The 5 burners have different heating capacity. The high heat burner is ideal for boiling, searing or frying and lower heat burners are apt for delicate sauces. This gives you immense control which you need to cook professional meals.

Windmax Fashion 30 inch gas cooktop

The Gas hob panel is made of stainless steel and the pan support is made of iron. The knobs are made of stainless steel which gives an elegant look. This 30 inch gas cooktop is featured with Electronic ignition (An ignition system to generate spark) with 110V plug. The Burner cap is made of iron. The grates are made of cast iron which gives durability and is long lasting. Since the body is mainly made of stainless steel it is very easy to clean.

The 50 pound Windmax Fashion 30 inch gas cooktop measures 30 x 20 inch and has a 1.8m power cable.  This 30 inch gas cooktop by Windmax is obviously a ‘must have’ for your modern kitchen.

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